About Frangipani

Frangipani Projects is the leader in exterior, interior and decorative floor/wall designs, we not only have one of the most extensive product lines but we are also proud to boast one of the most well-known, installed, specified and accepted the line of products and systems in the industry. Our A rating in the industry was earned from excellent customer service and attention to the details of clients’ flooring needs which we execute to perfection.

From one client to another, we understand the importance of time as it relates to profitability. Since product costs are generally fixed and extremely minimal in the decorative concrete finishes and interior flooring industry, when you lose time, you lose money. That’s why we continually strive to engineer products and systems that meet and exceed the highest standards of reliability, ease of use, durability and cost effectiveness.

At Frangipani, we bring the latest technologies and application to all your projects leaving it with a finishing of style and class. Our flooring experts in decorative concrete are available to provide extensive professional consultation service. We listen to your concepts and flooring ideas and provide you with solutions that are custom made to meet your needs and ensure the end result is better than you ever imagined.

Our consultation services include design concepts, color selection, preference materials selection, pattern creation and tooling, wall/Ceiling design, installation consultation and scheduling, custom metallic work, polishing, concrete stains and dyes, and so much more you can only get the best of exquisite floors, walls and ceilings designs from frangipani projects.

Our Team

Our team of professionals and experts are on ground to handle all your design requirements, concepts and specifications to ensure that your floor, wall and ceiling project is completed to your taste.

Ethically trained and dedicated team at frangipani projects are on standby to meet our clients' needs at all times. Ensuring all your projects are properly broken and divided to professionals in various flooring services and merge back into a whole to ensure professional, efficient and time friendly completion.

To Mentor the Next Generation of Decorative Concrete Designers and Installers while promoting relationships and Becoming Africa's Number One Decorative Concrete School.

Integrity, Professionalism, Creativity, Innovation, Dedication, Service are our core values at frangipani projects.

With the growing success of our Quality Assurance Services, we have partnered with top concrete companies to provide excellent service In compliance with your documented requirement for the floor class you want to be installed.

Our Quality assurance process includes evaluation, recommendation, planning and installation.